Mojo Monday: Things Inspiring Me Lately


Eyes: Windows to the Soul

I spotted this article and project by Alexandra Michiardi called Crete Travel Journal in my current copy of Somerset Memories magazine and I loved the somewhat randomness of the eye stamp and how it really stood out on the page.

I am a huge fan of Alexandra’s illustrations and I have bought many of her stamps in her Etsy store known as byMeli-Melo. I learn so much from her blog and the work her creative team did with her past stamp set releases. I highly recommend following her blog and Instagram for some awesome mojo!

eye stamp

I believe that eyes are going to be an up and coming icon trend. Here is an example of an eye I saw on a pair of sweatpants by Roxy brand clothing company:

I am seeing eyes popping up on flat design graphics and I will be honest with you- I saw them in Starbucks on some coffee mugs last holiday season and I was a fan right off the bat. I don’t know why- they appeal to me. But like when they saw fruit patterns and pineapples in designs at first and some other recent trends my friends are telling me they are “creeped out” by them. Okay. I’ll just wait 6 months and ask them again. In the mean time, I am inspired to dig in to this Basic Grey paper line called Barista which is available from Clique Kits. Yes of course I will show you what I end up making with it!


Paper Catalogs

Published August 1st ( annually on my birthday) the Close to My Heart Catalog and Idea Book

I always love CTMH stamps and I am impressed with the way the company has kept up with the industry. They now carry many embellishments like washi tape, enamel dots, project life style card sets, and even 4 x 4 style Instagram albums and page protectors with 2x 2 divided pockets.  I have many friends who are still consultants and I hope this company sticks around.  In a digital world, there is something heavenly to me about a paper catalog. It always brings me good mojo. And whether it’s CTMH or Stampin’ Up or any other direct sales product- if you send me the catty- I will order. We are tactile-visual people after all, aren’t we? Otherwise, why would we be so attracted to paper-crafting?

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones and the HBO television series ( can’t wait for the final season although many of my favorite characters have been killed off) You can now watch some of the seasons by internet streaming- I think its Hulu or Netflix. (Make sure no one under 18 or who passes out at the sight of blood is in the room if you do watch it though. It contains everything listed under adult content and then some-nudity-okay flat out sex-sometimes disturbing-violence, blood, gore,etc)

In one of the earlier seasons Khal Drogo and Khaleesi use these terms of endearment for each other (the Khaleesi also eats a horse’s heart in a ceremony for her love) and well if that isn’t love I don’t know what is. I have been inspired to use them in some designs lately and sent some sketches over to the Clique Kits graphic designer!  I have seen jewelry popping up with a his and hers stamped message: She says, “My sun and stars” to which he replies, “Moon of my life” You don’t even have to be a fan of Game of Thrones to appreciate the romance of it. I am kind of over “I love you to the moon and back” now so this is going to be the next big moon reference. I.M.O.

sun and moon bracelets

Origami and Kawaii Art


As if little illustrated cute things weren’t cute enough like bunnies and kitties, put a really really cute smiley face on them and you have something kawaii which means cute in Japanese.  I mean, it’s just sooooo cute. This wood veneer rabbit is actually a box which I will use as a gift card holder for a baby shower. Lately, even food and drinks have to have a smiley face-as do plants and weather, like suns and clouds. I went out for sushi the other night, and was afraid my California roll was going to smile up at me.

Origami is another thing. I never really got into it- the actual paper folding part. But flatten the designs and turn it into stamps and die cuts and patterned paper and I’m all in. I love these earrings though. Handmade and for sale at a local Japanese market in Honolulu.

I am pretty sure we will continue to see kawaii illustration, origami, and sumi-e style chinese painting styles with ink and watercolors continuing to be very popular. Any patterns where the artist’s hand and brushstroke visible in the pattern is going to be in style!


And that concludes this week’s episode of Mojo Monday! I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to hear what is is inspiring you lately. I am always on the lookout for ideas!

Author: Gia Lau

Owner and Creative Director of Clique Kits Curator and Designer at Gia Aloha Blog and Etsy Shop

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