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Hey! Let’s go shopping, shall we? I’m super excited about this haul I just got from my friend Eri’s really special little Honolulu based online shop called Sakuralala! I met Eri at last years CHA when she was helping “Mommy” ( Amy Tan’s mom who likes and follows everyone on Instagram with such authenticity it is truly a gift of love) and we were like (whoah- insert surprise emoji here) it’s you the Sakuralala girl- it’s you all the Clique Kits girls:-) gotta love it! In the mean time Eri is the one rubbing elbows with Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey and bringing them to teach amaze balls workshops in Honolulu! Wow! A lot has happened in the past year! These workshops were grade A++ quality in every category from what I have heard- the environment, the kits, and of course the company. There will be another one with Kelly Purkey in November! I’m on it!

Now back to the business of showing you what is in my Sakuralala shopping cart. I’m not gonna lie- I picked this stuff out like Sunday night- and it arrived already yesterday! Lightening fast for us locals.


Sakuralala is a shop that takes advantage of the owner’s ability to do commerce with Japan and the U.S. in order to carry the best quality of washi tapes out there. Yes washi tape has been discovered and imitated by many manufacturers now and there are great designs out there- but it is hard to find the proper wispy translucent quality and let’s not forget the stick! Tape is supposed to stick people! So if you are a washi tape fan, you will love the selection of quality washi brands she carries like MT tapes, Nami nami, Icco nico, and some I have only recently learned about.

Here are some of the items I purchased:

Washi tapes:

This one is called “To Do” and comes in different sized boxes and in crayon or pencil outlines. Perfect for planners to add lists! I bought the smallest size in both pencil and crayon.
This wide MT wash tape with a Hawaii theme is going to be perfect for me. I love all of the Honolulu city landmarks and icons.
These happy clouds are so adorable. I also picked up some hedgehogs in the same style.

Coleto Limited Edition Pen Set in Marine

Coleto-Marine-1-350x350 Coleto-Marine-2-70x70

This pen set is really neat. I chose the design with the little beach designs and sea life on it. The pen holds 4 refill inks and the set comes with the whole set of 10 different colors to choose from. The best part is, they write in a smooth gel ink and the colors are sooooo pretty.

Last but not least, I bought some Frixion self-inking stamps. These stamps are very small and come in fun, bright colors perfect for planners. I fell in love with the heart, sun, and other adorable designs.


IMG_0515 IMG_0518

The store also carries some products from Hero Arts and American Crafts and does carry bigger ticket tools like stamp sets and dies. I really love Sakuralala! I also saw on Instagram that Sakuralala is looking for a design team!

Hope you are inspired to check out Sakuralala!


Author: Gia Lau

Owner and Creative Director of Clique Kits Curator and Designer at Gia Aloha Blog and Etsy Shop

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