Paige Evans Pick Me Up Paper 22


One of the adventures I have wanted to do since living in Hawaii was to go on a whale watching cruise. Here on Maui they are really easy to see, just from the coast if you have binoculars. The humpback whales come to Hawaii to mate and have babies and in February and March there are literally thousands of mother-baby whale pairs swimming together. Unfortunately, I did not have a telephoto lens or even a decent camera to get good photographs, but that did not stop me from documenting this day. I still used one snapshot I got of a whale surfacing and a photo taken of me taking a photo of the sunset we also enjoyed on the cruise. This paper pieced humpback whale was made with a file I downloaded from Etsy.  The Paige Evans paper #22 from the Pick Me Up collection which was in the Clique Kits March 2018 Malama Kit was absolutely perfect for this layout! Here are a couple of close ups!



I loved the way this layout turned out. It was a little time consuming to put all of the paper pieces together like a puzzle, but worth the effort.


Author: Gia Lau

Owner and Creative Director of Clique Kits Curator and Designer at Gia Aloha Blog and Etsy Shop

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