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Welcome to another edition of S.M.A.K. where I show you an arts and crafts project to make with kids using supplies from my craft room! Here is a very short film introducing this project! We up-cycled some plastic toys we picked up at our local Salvation Army (you may even have some laying around- we would have if we had not moved so many times and given away old toys so many times already) by painting them with acrylic paints and then embellishing them with all kinds of sparkly things.



My daughter Gigi made this parade of fantasy animals as a decoration for her room. The steps are easy!

  1. Make sure toys are clean and dry
  2. Paint with at least 2 coats of acrylic craft paint. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Use a low temp. glue gun (safer with small fingers) to embellish with pom poms, sequins, and any other trims you would like to use!



I think they would also make really cute party favors, toppers for glass storage jars, or to decorate birthday gifts!  Lately anything with pom poms and tassels seems to be trending.


I hope that this column inspires you to share your crafty stash with some kids in your life. For more ideas, search keywords Saturday Morning Art Kids for more posts.


Author: Gia Lau

Owner and Creative Director of Clique Kits Curator and Designer at Gia Aloha Blog and Etsy Shop

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