S.M.A.K: Acrylic Paint Pouring


Hello hello! It’s Saturday and I am actually posting this edition of S.M.A.K a week after we actually did this project because I have had a LOT going on and this blog always seems to be the thing to be last priority on my list. I honestly think social media is ruining it for us creatives- I mean who wants to spend more time glued to a screen than they do getting their hands messy with paint? That’s why I love doing art with my kids. Kids just want to make stuff and show people what they made. Is that so hard?


Acrylic paint pouring is usually done on canvases on a bigger scale, but for this project we are making small art pieces on wood rounds with a plan to use them in a R.A.K. project. (More on that later.)

Here is a little background, which I will try to keep as brief as possible about acrylic paint pouring itself. You take acrylic paint of any kind, add pouring medium (there are many brands) and after mixing literally pour from a disposable cup of some kind on to your surface. There are infinite ways to pour, blend, create special effects (like “cells”), and add sparkle! There are no rules really, except that the intent is to NOT manipulate the paint with brushes very much and the result is abstract and process oriented. It is anything goes really- but there are definite techniques and additives that result in specific outcomes. Here is a link to someone who knows hella more than I do. The site is an Amazon affiliate and has a lot of “ads” within the content but there is a lot of good info there.

We are using inexpensive, non-toxic paints from Target and using recycled plastic condiment cups to mix and pour. In my house we save plastic packaging of all kinds- tubs from yogurt, etc. Lots of stuff most people throw away we can re-use in the studio. If you use anything toxic- you would want to wear gloves. You also want to protect from splashes and splatters when doing anything on a larger scale.




Amy Tangerine wrote this blog post about using a kit from American Crafts brand. In the kit, you get pre-mixed colors (paint + pour medium) and things for set up. This is the least expensive brand of pour medium (from Deco Art) if you already have paint and want to mix your own:



So my R.A.K. idea (random act of kindness) is to write little messages on the back of these pieces and have the kids leave them for people to find who might need to have a little pick me up. People have done this with random pieces of art and also with little rocks and I think it’s such a nice idea. What do you think?



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