Aloha, it’s me Gia. I live on Maui in the Hawaiian islands. I am a crazy scrapbook lady. I have an Etsy shop where I re-sell papercrafting supplies up-cycled into papercrafting and mixed media kits with aloha. I believe in abundance- there is so much to share and more than enough of everything to go around, and this applies to supplies as much as to love.  In 2013 I started a kit club called Clique Kits with some amazing friends, and this blog is where I post some of what I do with our kits, my stash, and other eclectic creative projects. My head is usually in the clouds dreaming up our next big idea. It is impossible to tell you all about me in one short paragraph. You will get to know me little by little if you follow this blog, which I hope you will do by clicking on the menu icon up at the top! I believe in living life intentionally, and believe we can create the life of our dreams if we start by designing the mood board! I hope you will find some inspiration here for your art and your life. Hugs, Gia.


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