S.M.A.K: Acrylic Paint Pouring


Hello hello! It’s Saturday and I am actually posting this edition of S.M.A.K a week after we actually did this project because I have had a LOT going on and this blog always seems to be the thing to be last priority on my list. I honestly think social media is ruining it for us creatives- I mean who wants to spend more time glued to a screen than they do getting their hands messy with paint? That’s why I love doing art with my kids. Kids just want to make stuff and show people what they made. Is that so hard?


Acrylic paint pouring is usually done on canvases on a bigger scale, but for this project we are making small art pieces on wood rounds with a plan to use them in a R.A.K. project. (More on that later.)

Here is a little background, which I will try to keep as brief as possible about acrylic paint pouring itself. You take acrylic paint of any kind, add pouring medium (there are many brands) and after mixing literally pour from a disposable cup of some kind on to your surface. There are infinite ways to pour, blend, create special effects (like “cells”), and add sparkle! There are no rules really, except that the intent is to NOT manipulate the paint with brushes very much and the result is abstract and process oriented. It is anything goes really- but there are definite techniques and additives that result in specific outcomes. Here is a link to someone who knows hella more than I do. The site is an Amazon affiliate and has a lot of “ads” within the content but there is a lot of good info there.

We are using inexpensive, non-toxic paints from Target and using recycled plastic condiment cups to mix and pour. In my house we save plastic packaging of all kinds- tubs from yogurt, etc. Lots of stuff most people throw away we can re-use in the studio. If you use anything toxic- you would want to wear gloves. You also want to protect from splashes and splatters when doing anything on a larger scale.




Amy Tangerine wrote this blog post about using a kit from American Crafts brand. In the kit, you get pre-mixed colors (paint + pour medium) and things for set up. This is the least expensive brand of pour medium (from Deco Art) if you already have paint and want to mix your own:



So my R.A.K. idea (random act of kindness) is to write little messages on the back of these pieces and have the kids leave them for people to find who might need to have a little pick me up. People have done this with random pieces of art and also with little rocks and I think it’s such a nice idea. What do you think?



Saturday Morning Art Kids


Welcome to another edition of S.M.A.K. where I show you an arts and crafts project to make with kids using supplies from my craft room! Here is a very short film introducing this project! We up-cycled some plastic toys we picked up at our local Salvation Army (you may even have some laying around- we would have if we had not moved so many times and given away old toys so many times already) by painting them with acrylic paints and then embellishing them with all kinds of sparkly things.



My daughter Gigi made this parade of fantasy animals as a decoration for her room. The steps are easy!

  1. Make sure toys are clean and dry
  2. Paint with at least 2 coats of acrylic craft paint. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Use a low temp. glue gun (safer with small fingers) to embellish with pom poms, sequins, and any other trims you would like to use!



I think they would also make really cute party favors, toppers for glass storage jars, or to decorate birthday gifts!  Lately anything with pom poms and tassels seems to be trending.


I hope that this column inspires you to share your crafty stash with some kids in your life. For more ideas, search keywords Saturday Morning Art Kids for more posts.



Welcome to another Saturday Morning Art Kids post!


In this episode I am sharing my experience of documenting in traveler’s notebooks with my 12 year old daughter Gigi.  Out of seven kids, I was bound to have one (maybe? possibly?) who enjoys scrapbooking like her Mom. She has watched me do many TN layouts before and then she helped me make this video of how I set up my latest TN’s.



I am using two TN’s at the moment. One contains inserts for painting and sketching and more mixed media. The Clique Kits shop carries some specialty TN inserts (watercolor and mixed media) as well as lots of cute exclusive inserts with bright white paper inside. I am grateful to my friend Lacey for sending me a handmade palette of peerless watercolor swatches. These are perfect for keeping in a travelers notebook! You can find TN covers and inserts in the Clique Kits shop “Basics” section and also in the new products right now. The other TN I set up is for my traditional memory keeping- which will hopefully remain “clean” to protect my photos.


When Gigi asked me if she could “set up” one of my older TN’s for herself  of course how could I resist! We ended up spending a couple of hours together working on our projects.  This is Gigi’s TN



Here is Gigi and our other guests- some Sloths…and here are Gigi’s layouts:



These unicorn clips from Shimelle Glitter Girl collection (last year’s October Clique Kit) were right up her alley!



I love this page with the photo taken in McDonalds because she color coordinated the washi tape and hearts with the Ronald McDonald colors. She also picked out the french fries embellishment- very apropros. Aww- she even made a page about me. So cute.


While looking through my stash for supplies for Gigi to use for her TN I discovered that it was about time for me to thin out my stash of embellishments and ephemera, which I organize by color. When my stash gets too crowded I have a much harder time using it. So I took the opportunity to pull out lots of items for her to “shop” from for her own stash, and all of the leftovers will likely appear in my Etsy shop pretty soon!






I think that if you are lucky enough to get any of the youngsters in your life whether kids or grandkids or pupils in Sunday school interested in scrapbooking I have a few tips to offer from this experience:

  1. Traveler’s Notebooks are a relatively inexpensive way to get them started. Most inserts run under $5. They can also easily be handmade using plain white copy paper and a patterned paper cover. There are many tutorials on You Tube and Pinterest for DIY inserts.
  2. Some simple “design” tricks they can easily learn as soon as they are old enough to know their colors are how to pick out colors in the photos to coordinate with the layout supplies and embellishments. You can also ask them to describe the memory in their own words, which can prompt ideas for them to choose a title or theme for the page.
  3. Tape runners and glue sticks are easy for little people to use and non-toxic as adhesives. For larger items like flair or wood veneers, glue dots in different sizes work well.
  4. Some supplies are so abundant that chances are you wouldn’t mind sharing. For me, washi tape is one supply I love to collect but have so much more than I will ever use.


I just want to make the experience of scrapbooking with my daughter one that will be enjoyable and not stressful for both of us. After all, we have an obligation to leave our legacy by creating the next generation of scrapbookers!




I am not going to lie. I really don’t like sharing my art supplies with my kids. That’s why many years back I started Saturday Morning Art Kids or S.M.A.K. Sometimes we get on a roll and do a project every weekend and other times I slack off and space them out a bit more. But by setting aside this dedicated time  to do an arts and crafts project with as many of the kids as choose to participate it prevents them from invading my space and messing with my stuff when left to their own devices and Im not around. They know that when it’s time for S.M.A.K. they will get a chance to play with all that tempting, colorful, and pretty stuff I hoard in my crafty hideaway. I even keep several storage bins of paints, markers, crayons, and scraps of paper and embellishments that are just for them. I’m a firm believer in controlled chaos.


Last week’s activity was kind of a no brainer since it is almost Easter. Instead of dying Easter eggs I decided to let them play with some acrylic paints from my collection of Spring colors from Target. They even have pretty metallics like gold and rose gold. Obviously, these are not artist quality paints and they are pretty cheap so they could go ahead and have at it!


These eggs are plastic ones. Acrylic paint should not be used on real eggs meant for eating of course. My kids still love to do egg hunts even though I think they are getting kind of old for it. How about you? Do you have any Easter traditions? Do you allow your kids to craft with you? That’s all for now!


Saturday Morning Art Kids



Do you remember shrinky dinks? My kids love to use my stamps and inks to create charms to turn into jewelry, zipper pulls, and other fun stuff using heat shrinkable film. Here is how we did it!



There are still some of this adorable stamp available in the Clique Kits shop! I just love using the cactus and adding the faces and bows and the polka dot pattern! Have you got yours yet?

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.30.06 PM