Valentine’s Day Layout

Happy Heart Day! Today I am sharing this layout over on the Clique Kits blog also. I used my February 2018 Main Clique Kit called “Atacama” to create this layout. You can check out the Clique Kits blog for lots more information and a tutorial!


I painted the heart background on 12 x 12 hot pressed watercolor paper. I used some Shimmerz brand Creameez paints. To give it more interest I sprinkled some salt on top of the wet paint which then dries with variegated effects. I also splattered some diluted rose gold paint and did some heat embossing with a  butterfly stamp set containing the phrase “true love.” The butterflies were created with a simple punch and you could even make something similar with your silhouette and some butterfly cut files.

I hope you enjoy your day! Stop back tomorrow because I will be sharing some more Valentine’s day DIY’s.


Happy Rainbow

While writing my last post showing some boy layouts using the May 2017 Clique Kit which featured the Pinkfresh Studios Dream On collection I realized I never shared this fun layout using the same collection. In this one I free-hand cut the different sized arcs of the rainbow and then used watercolor paints to color in the icons outlined in this paper. I wan’t sure if it would “come together” with an equally bright and colorful photo but I found that the bright, busyness of both the rainbow and the photo complemented one another. We sometimes think that the only way to buffer a loud, busy, colorful photo is to tone it down by printing black and white or somehow to tone down the intensity of the layout design. I think the third option is to provide some balance, which is what I tried to do here. I hope you like it!



Boy Pages Vol. 2

I finally got back to writing the second half of my boy pages series, which I started in October of 2017. Okay…no time for excuses. Here we go!

These layouts were all made using one of my all time favorite boy pages kits- the May 2017 Clique Kits main kit. Of course at this point this kit is long gone but if you are a Clique Kits subscriber you just might have some of this kit in your stash and I hope this inspires you to maybe dig it out!

First up is this watercolor resist wash layout about my son and his first love. Young love is so darn cute.


This one is a grid made from lots of cut apart paper and some paper ephemera- this Dream On collection from Pinkfresh Studios collection got a lot of mileage for me with boy layouts.


I am glad I got these posted because I need to get John’s album assembled and shipped to him. It has already been 9 months since graduation. Hopefully better late than never and it will still bring a smile to his face to see his life in layouts!


Boy Pages Series Vol. 1


I realized that I show off more than twice as many girl layouts  as boy layouts. Like many people, I find it challenging to use the patterns and colors I like for boys keeping in mind the end result must not be too girly for a boy’s album! To combat this inequity I am sharing this series of posts strictly focused on some boy layouts for my son John’s album. He graduated from high school last May and when each of my children graduates from high school I give them the album of the best of the layouts made with them as the subject. His is still a work in progress even though he moved away to college. When he comes home for Christmas I hope to be caught up!


This one is a clean and simple design using the April kit Jellybean from Clique Kits. To balance the bright colors I printed my photo in black and white. My son was my resident computer expert-every time I needed help with any technology -iphone, laptop, ipad,etc I could always count on him. I still wonder if it will end up being a career option in his future-some kind of I.T.




Last but not least– I feel like I have shown these before maybe on the Clique Kits blog. If I have- I apologize if you have seen these already but it has been so long since I had time to catch up on my personal blog!


These layouts were created with the April 2017 Clique Kit called Jellybean. They are sold out, all the more reason it is totally worth it to subscribe! Thanks for checking out my blog-hope to see you again soon!



Clique Kits October 2017: Girl Tribe


Aloha! I am sharing some of my projects using the Clique Kits October Main and Traveler’s Notebook Kits. First I have this fun paper cutting and layering design.


Next up is a fun layout using the unicorn die cut file I designed for this kit. I took a single unicorn shape and turned it into a background pattern. You can see how I did it on the Clique Kits blog.

And finally I have these traveler’s notebook spreads which I shared for a post last week.



Thanks so much for stopping by.



On February 1st I was scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook and came across a post in the Scrap Gals Community Facebook Group on the tradition of using the month of February to finish several of the projects that you just never got around to completing! It made me think about some of the pitfalls for completing projects that often affect me.

  1. By the time I come across an unfinished project, I have no enthusiasm for the project anymore.
  2. Other events or pictures have eclipsed those memories in importance
  3. Sometimes I don’t like the products I was using at the time (even though I thought they were perfect at one time!)
  4. I’m just not into whatever style or media I was using when I started.
  5. I have new products calling me to use them right away.
  6.  I am afraid to “waste”  what little time I have to scrapbook on an old project when I have current stories and photos to document.

Do you relate to any of these pitfalls? I think that the idea of setting aside one whole month to go back to my unfinished projects would possibly help me to finish at least some of them, and in the process rid me of some of the guilt of “wasting” supplies, and my past time and energy. I may not be able to finish everything I want to finish (I have the 3 past years of unfinished December dailies and if I am honest I have been putting these off for- well- 3 years.) But I can do what I can for one short month, and let the chips fall where they may. Right?

I really love to travel, and when a photo album I had of a trip I took to India was destroyed (in the pre-digital photo days) I cried over the loss of those photos and memories. So for me, this month is going to start with finishing some travel journals that are really important to me. I am happy to announce that I did it! I finished the TN insert of my trip to Thailand last September! One down and…never mind how many to go.

















Here is the short list of Clique Kits products I used in this journal. I love that Clique Kits is now offering Limited Edition Traveler Notebook kits. I hope that at some point there will be enough demand for a full TN subscription kit.

  1. The Cosmo Cricket Art Deck. This is a booklet, the same size as a TN insert full of pretty sayings hand script with trendy designs as resist patterns on watercolor paper, along with some gold foiled designs.
  2. Assortment of Washi Tapes
  3. My goes-everywhere-with-me box of Prima watercolor paints and a waterbrush. (no link because they are sold out- but I imagine they are available other places!?)
  4. A bunch of skeleton clips like the ones visible in some of the photos. These are a must for using anything wet while on the go since you need a way to keep your pages open to dry.
  5. The travel stamp set by Meli Melo studio that Clique Kits sells, which is perfect for stamping in your TN!
  6. This lovely butterfly stamp.

A couple of things to note before I conclude this post.  This was my first attempt at working in the Traveler Notebook insert formula and there was a little bit of a learning curve for me. First, I am used to working with wet media on cold press watercolor paper or at least mixed media weight paper. I learned that the paper in the average TN insert is quite thin, and I figured out halfway through the project that it was better to paste two pages together than to try to use them singly when using anything wet on them. So yeah, the front half is full of wrinkled, flimsy pages and the second half is much more sturdy and lays flat.

I loved adding little bits of memorabilia to the album, like this 20 baht note (Thai currency). There is a story behind this particular note- and now I will never forget it!

I used this project as an opportunity to practice some brush stroke lettering, without pressure because my lettering was not perfect and I was totally okay with that! (unlike how I would feel if it were on a scrapbook layout) I am now enamored with traveler notebooks and whatever the trip or subject, I know they will be very personal to me and something that I love to look back through in the future. I also plan to work on an archiving system for them for when they are finished and end up on my shelf. There is much to talk about with Traveler Notebooks that I will save for future posts!

I would love to hear from you if you have any unfinished projects to work on during #Finish-it-February and what some of your pitfalls are to getting them done. Maybe we can help each other!



My One Little Word 2017

But First Coffee…and the Ali Edwards One Little Word January Lesson

Taking a break from posting layouts to share something not focused on the superficial “looks”, design, and products being shown off. So grab your coffee and join me!


I realized I haven’t posted yet about taking Ali Edwards class “One Little Word” this year. In this post I wanted to share how I am making a 6 x 9 album using my stash and some of the digital downloads included in the class. I would have bought the kit actually, but I was too late. By the time I signed up, it was sold out. So I did have to improvise. I also did not really take photographs with a blog post in mind as I worked on the January lesson as most of the pictures I took were snapshots to show my friends on Instagram. I wish now that I had better ones, but I will definitely plan better for my next installment.

The photo above shows the paper that I decided to use in my album. This collection was designed by A Beautiful Mess for Project Life- I think it was called Sunshine or something like that-and I have had it for a few years. I also decided my color palette would be yellow, grey, and sky blue with black and white of course. I noticed that Ali really likes grey and I wanted to use some of the downloads when necessary to follow the lessons.


The first lesson was all about deciding on a word and getting acquainted with the word. I chose the word Simplify. The first lesson also revealed that the “theme” this year is the phrase “Get Curious.” I’m not 100% sure I understand how this ties in to the lessons, but I’m sure I will eventually.


I used a Simple Stories yellow striped album cover which I altered with paint and a teeny bit of glitter.


The class kit included monthly dividers and there were downloadable ones but I decided to use some extra Project Life dividers that matched the paper collection. My history with project life is pretty much a major fail- and I eventually decided it wasn’t going to be something I focus on anymore. So anything I had previously bought with good intentions has either been given away or re-purposed.

This is how my first page looks first with the monthly divider showing and second with a vertical 4 x 6 pocket insert that I slipped the “Get Curious” printable in Ali’s famous handwriting. I added a paper clip to it and was thinking that the whole ensemble would possibly come in handy as a place marker later.


I did download the cards to complete the written part of the lesson in which we were asked to define our word, find a quote that resonated with the meaning of our word, and then work through the WHY of our word. I explored the reasons why I chose Simplify as my word, and also talked about the things I want to invite into my life this year, and the things I want to let go of, following along with the prompts. I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt taking the time to work on something for no other reason than my personal growth and development.

I spent about a half a day on this first lesson-which does not look like it amounts to much- but honestly much of the time was spent thinking and journaling. And I have not been back to it since getting this far. Hopefully I will have another installment to show soon with February’s lesson. I am really excited to be in this class for the first time. Have you ever taken it? Did you get all the way through it? Was it a good use of your time and money? I love that Ali Edwards knows her style, which is distinctive, and her classes and products are  focused on her story telling process- using great photos, and a digital and tangible hybrid combination with simple supplies. I think that the amount of “stuff” available and the number of different styles of documenting can get a bit overwhelming sometimes and I love that everything about her brand does not feel bogged down by the extraneous. Her own willingness to share and how she allows herself to be vulnerable and honest is clearly touching the lives of many, many people in a positive way. And now I am one of them! Thanks Nicole for referring me to this class!